Time Travelers: The Fight For Freedom

Mike Winkler (Director, Writer, Producer, James Hart)


The third "Time Travelers" will be Mike's eighth official film.  He will again be taking on a heavy load with directing, writing, producing, and reprising the lead role. This film marks the finale of the story of what has been in the works with him and Jason Kobasic for over 8 years. He is looking forward to finally being able to complete the third and final installment to make his dream project a completed series.

Ben Zgorecki (Dresden Frost)

This will be Ben's second official film. Ben brings a whole new set of edginess and charisma to the character and we are all very excited to be working with him and what great things he is bringing to the character and the Winkler Pictures team. Along with playing Frost, he is also a stunt coordinator on the production.

Jason Gorze (Executive Producer, Aaron Hawk)

This finale will be Jason's seventh official film. He will be helping executive produce this time around along with acting as Aaron Hawk. He completed the script for the upcoming thriller due out later this year, "Mind Of Vengeance".

Stephanie Leonard (Producer, Erica Daniels)

The third "Time Travelers" will be Stephanie's sixth official film. She will be again helping with producing, writing, and acting as Erica in the finale. She and Mike have been working together now on his last five movies.

Martin Houston (Luther)

This will be Martin's second official film. He also will be a stunt coordinator along with playing the role of Luther. We are all very excited that Martin has joined the Winkler Pictures team.

Sam Pavia (Alan Andrews)

This will be Sam's seventh official film. He is attending college at Ohio State right now. His role this time around will be smaller due to his college duties and schedule. 

Sam Nakanishi (Eric) "Time Travelers 2: The Darkness Within"

The second film was Sam's first official film. He was playing the role as the vice president to Frost.

Jason Kobasic (Executive Producer, Dresden Frost) *Time Travelers"

The first installment was Jason's second official film. In 2011, he completed his role as the second villain in the final installment of the agency trilogy. He assisted with executive producing duties and played Frost in the first movie.